Our experienced safety team at Lakota Products designs, develops, and manufactures high quality FDA-certified PPE (personal protection equipment)
for customers ranging from medical practitioners to national retailers. 

"Since 1995, the team at Lakota Products has been designing, developing and manufacturing high quality products for customers ranging from medical practitioners to national retailers. In response to the COVID-19 pandemic, we assembled a task force of product development, quality control, supply chain and logistics experts to navigate the ever changing PPE regulations and import verified, FDA approved, personal protective equipment. 

Working with our team on the ground in China, we have been able to source, verify and test millions of respiratory masks, isolation gowns and gloves and continue to receive new shipments daily.
We understand the strain this pandemic has put on supplies for all medical facilities across the country and we are proud to be your trusted source of personal protective equipment during these unprecedented times."

- Rusty Sellars, CEO



Disposable Gloves

surgical masks.png

Surgical Masks

face shield.png

Face Shields


Medical Gowns


Sanitizing Products

N95 Masks.png

N95 Masks


Bibs and Holders



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